What is a Smart Plug?

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In an age where many things are programmable, why should our electricity outlets be any different? We set our thermostats to turn on during the times we are at home or our office and turn off when we are not. Alarms are set on our phone. We set our DVRs to record our favorite shows. A smart plug allows us to program other electrical appliances.

Why Use a Smart Plug?

By using a smart plug, you can:

  • set lamps to turn on at the time you get home
  • set televisions to shut off after bedtime
  • turn on an entire entertainment system with the touch of a button

You can even perform more complex tasks, such as turning a ceiling fan on when the AC unit is off, or to control irrigation equipment. These plugs let you program the times you want certain appliances to operate, thereby saving you money by keeping them off when they are not in use. Other applications include using them to control the lights while you are on vacation, simulating the effect that there is someone watching the house. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, a smart plug can be programmed to turn on your bedroom light after your alarm goes off.

In addition to the convenience of turning appliances on or off on a timer or at the push of a button, the ecobee Smart Plug comes with software that lets you monitor power consumption. Furthermore, you can manage all your programs for the plugs in your house through the ecobee Smart Plug. The software is run through a web portal that allows you to adjust it through any computer or smart phone.

In today’s digital world, everything is interconnected to help your life run smoothly. Besides the ecobee Smart plug, you can now find many other affordable smart plugs on the market.  Let technology continue to work for you by keeping your home as efficient as possible. It can help save you money and make your home more environmentally friendly.



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