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Why do electricity prices change?

In a deregulated energy market you have a vast array of electricity suppliers. This competition helps drive down prices. When Acacia Energy buys units of energy in a competitive open market from companies that generate electricity we look for the best deal. This means you get the best deal.

This means no matter if you have a prepaid electric plan or a fixed rate plan, you are assured of getting the best deal.

How Pay as You Go Works

Acacia Energy’s Pay As You Go Electricity Plan offers Texas residents with Smart Meters a fast, easy way to purchase prepaid electricity for their homes and businesses. You simply pay as you go. No deposit. No I.D. No credit check. And no contract. This means the price you paid is not based on some forecast model. With our prepaid electric plan you are paying only the going rate.

How Fixed Rate Plans Work

Pay as you go electric plans are not for everyone. A Fixed Rate Plan can also provide you with dependable, cheap electricity. At Acacia Energy customers who chose a Fixed Rate Plan are able to “lock-in” a set price on each kilowatt-hour for the duration of a contract. This rate is based on a forecast model. Presently, we offer different contract terms of: Month-to-Month, 3, 6, or 12 months.

Why are rates different for different contract lengths?

The rates we quote on any given day are ultimately determined by how much we anticipate paying for gas or electricity over the length of the contract. The longer the contract, the more we may need to anticipate a higher swing in price over that time. That’s why those prices may reflect a marginally higher rate.

Make the switch to Acacia for affordable prepaid electricity and other money-saving plans. For a free quote, sign up online today.

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