What Can You Do About Climate Change?

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Climate change is the long term change in the earth’s climate, especially due to the change in the earth’s atmospheric temperature.  Many scientists believe that Superstorm Sandy was a result of climate change, which is at the core of atmospheric temperature change (a factor causing an increase in natural disasters).

So, back to our original question: what can you do about climate change?  In your everyday life, you drive a car, you use electricity to light, heat, and cool your home, and you throw out waste that the garbage truck comes and picks up.  All of these result in greenhouse gas emissions, which affect our climate.  The Environmental Protective Agency (EPA) came up with a list of things that you can do help.


Change Five Lights

First and foremost, you can begin by replacing the five most frequently used incandescent bulbs or fixtures with energy efficient bulbs and fixtures. Compact Florescent Lights (CFLs) are ENERGY STAR approved as they save the environment and save you around $70 per year on your utility bill.


Energy Star Appliances

When looking for new appliances, look for the blue label.  ENERGY STAR rates over 60 kinds of products and they’re all designed to save you money on your energy bill and to help you be kinder to the environment.


Smart Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling cost about 50% of your energy bill and could cost upwards of $1,000 per year depending on the size of your home.  Simple steps like changing the air filter, using a programmable thermostat, and keeping the temperature at 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in winter will help the environment and save you on your energy bill.



Reducing, reusing, and recycling in your home helps conserve energy and reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from resource extraction, manufacturing, and disposal.  Recycle more and start saving.


Sharing is Caring

Share your energy conserving tips with your friends and family and show them how they can also start helping the climate and save money.

Can one person make a difference?  Of course!  As long as that person is always willing to share what they know and help others make the earth a better place for future generations.



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