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Washing your laundry can be very costly. If you use a washer and dryer, you can see how it impacts your utility bill. Here are some tips to help get the most out of your appliances while also saving money.

  • Only wash and dry full loads. Small loads take just as much energy and water to clean as full loads. Only washing full loads cuts back on wasted electricity and water.
  • Use only cold water in your washing machine. It will prolong the life of the fabrics and reduce the energy required to wash the clothes. The energy will then be devoted to running the machine, rather than running the machine and heating the water.
  • Follow the directions on detergent products because they can actually help save on energy costs. When too much detergent is added, it causes a buildup of suds, or small bubbles. This makes the washer work harder to wash the clothes, which in turn requires more energy.
  • Dry clothes in consecutive loads. It helps recycle heat generated by your dryer. Once the dryer has been brought up to operating temperature, it won’t need to be heated up again.
  • Sort clothes by thickness and wash similar items in a full load to prevent the need to run additional cycles.
  • Take care not to overdry your clothes. Overdrying wastes energy and can damage the fabrics by shrinking or wrinkling them.
  • Be sure to clean the lint filter after each load. A clean filter allows for better airflow, increasing the efficiency of your dryer. A clogged filter can cause clothes to dry slower, use extra energy, and worst of all, start a fire.

Large fabrics like rugs and bedspreads are best dried on a clothesline or rack. These bulky items can overwork your dryer, costing extra $ in energy usage and wear and tear. Be sure to keep them elevated enough that they don’t touch the ground, or you may need to wash them again.


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