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If you’re looking for a simple activity to do with your kids, we’ve got some fun green crafting ideas! You may already have a treasure trove of arts and crafts supplies hanging around and not even realize it! Here, we’ll list a few ways to recycle old paper, bottles, and cans and turn them into beautiful works of art.

Paper Bracelets and Necklaces

Let’s start with making some paper beads for bracelets and necklaces. Any paper will do, it can be holiday wrapping paper, junk mail, newspaper, or even your old energy provider’s bill. You’ll need scissors, glue, and a straight edge, like a ruler. Take your paper – the more colorful, the better – and cut it into long, thin triangles. Try varying the length and width of the triangles to make different size and shaped beads. Roll them tightly around a sturdy piece of wire or an unraveled hanger. Put a dab of glue on the end of the roll to secure it. String the beads together and use them for a colorful bracelet or necklace.

Homemade Bank

Next, take some cleaned, empty one liter bottles to use for a cute cat bank. Cut a quarter inch by one and a half inch slot at the back of the bottle for the coins. Take a one inch grey pom pom, a half inch black pom pom, and a two and a half inch wooden ball painted grey. Affix the wooden ball to the top of the bottle neck and glue the grey pom pom to the front of it. Draw pointed ears on a piece of grey felt and cut them out before affixing them with glue to the wooden ball. Then attach the black pom pom to the front of the grey one for the nose. Use more felt for the eyes and glue them onto the wooden ball. Decorate your bank further with some colorful ribbon.

Tin Can Lanterns

For the final green crafting project, you can make some luminaries from recycled tin cans. Clean out the cans and then fill them with water. Stick the cans in the freezer, and while they’re in there, get some designs from the internet or draw your own designs on paper. They can be anything from flowers to silhouette landscapes. Once the water has frozen, tape the paper designs to the can and use a hammer and nail to punch holes along the lines of your design. The ice inside the can will keep the can from deforming when striking it with the hammer and nail. When you’re finished, remove the remaining ice or water and place a small candle or LED candle inside to cast light through the holes.



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