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We are excited to offer the Energize Your Friends and Family program to our customers!

As a customer of Acacia Energy, we are offering you the ability to save money on your energy bills with no limit to the amount you could save. There is no better time than right now to make some extra money.

With the Energize Your Friends and Family program, simply refer a friend and earn a $30 credit to your account. That is $30 for every person you refer, with NO LIMITATION on the number of people you can refer.

In addition, if your referral refers someone on their own, you get an additional $10 credit to your account. Wow! Get Free Energy for someone else’s referral work!

Simply have your friend or family member call to sign-up for service. All they need to do is provide your account number (If they do not have your account number, they can provide your name and service address). Once they make their initial payment, you will get an instant $30 credit!

Download a Refer-a-Friend PDF to hand out and earn referral money. Just print it off, fill in your name and account number and spread the word!

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or give our Refer-A-Friend department a call at: 1-844-223-2158.

Acacia Energy Refer-A-Friend Terms of Service.


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