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Old Man Winter can really drive up prepaid electricity bills. So here are some tips on how to keep your prepaid electric bill manageable when winter blows into town.
1. Turn up the wool. Instead of cranking up the heat, turn up the winter woolens. A wool sweater will hold in body heat and help you keep your prepaid electricity costs down. Add a pair of thick wool socks and you’ll stay toasty all night long.
2. Turn down the thermostat. Set the thermostat at 67 or 68 degrees when you’re awake. Drop it down to 60 degrees when you go to bed. Throw another blanket on the bed if necessary. This will keep your prepaid electric costs down all winter long.
3. Flannel is the new cotton. Make your bed even warmer. Add flannel sheets. This will keep your mattress warm and your prepaid electricity costs low.
4. Heat up your holiday gatherings. The most energy efficient fuel is people. When you have a holiday party or family gathering this Christmas, let the crowd help warm your house. But be careful! Get too many folks and you may have to turn on the air conditioner.
Check back all this month for more advice on saving on your prepaid electric bill from Acacia Energy.


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