What Makes an Electric Meter “Smart?”

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For about 100 years, that round meter with the glass face and a horizontal spinning dial has been the standard device for measuring electric service. It’s a familiar feature of every home, but the traditional electric meter is really kind of dumb, because all it can do is count. Today’s smart meters do much more and use the latest technology to help you manage your energy usage and save money.
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The smart meter can talk to your electric utility company using wireless technology. This means you don’t need someone to visit your home to take readings. That’s more convenient and more flexible, too. A smart meter can take readings up to four times an hour, compared to just once a month with an old-fashioned electric meter. It can also send an alert to your utility company should your power go out.
Listening For Savings

The smart meter can also receive commands from your electric utility company. This means certain service requests can be completed faster, such as new connections. Utility companies that don’t need to send a service technician to your home can save money and pass those savings along to you.
Tracking Your Electric Usage Is Smart
With a smart meter, you can view your electric usage online. Having access to more timely and detailed information will help you to make informed choices about how you use electric power. You can also download reports on energy use and add a Home Area Network device that makes it easy to track your usage and even manage the operation of some electric appliances in your home.


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