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Halloween is right around the corner. So it’s time to be on the look out for vampires. Not the kind with pointy teeth and a thirst for hemoglobin. These vampires come with a three-prong plug and a lust for electrical power. We’re talking about the appliances and electronic devices that leech electricity even when turned off: cell phone chargers, televisions, microwave ovens, DVR boxes and more. The way you can identify these night stalkers is simple. Anything that sports a digital clock, LED status light, a soft-touch keypad or uses a remote control should be suspect. Once you’ve identified these power-thirsty monsters, it’s easy to drive a stake into their collective hearts. All you need is a few state-of-the-art power strips. These new power strips shut down stand-by or “vampire load” that is consumed when electronics are switched off. Buy one for every corner of the house that these vampire appliances haunt. These affordable power strips will save you significantly on your energy bills over the coming years. And once you get rid of these little Draculas, the only ones you’ll need to worry about are the ones begging for candy at your front door.



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