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It’s the way to save on your energy bill and make summer even more delicious. Grilling! The more meals you take outdoors, the lower you make that summer electric bill. So grab the barbeque sauce, tie on your apron and fire up the grill. Here are a few tips from Acacia Energy on how to make those sizzling, charcoal-broiled burgers even better.
1. Never put the food on too early. Charcoal and wood fires take time. Give the grill 30 minutes for the fuel to gray out before bringing on the meat.
2. Keep the lid closed. Constantly lifting the lid to monitor the food on your grill is another common mistake. Close the lid, crack open a beer and turn your meat only once.
3. Flame ups are for losers. Over babysitting the grill, constantly flipping your meat, opening and closing the lid, these are the marks of the amateur and the reason that your eyebrows are singed off. Your flame will behave when you do.
4. Lay off the sauce. Hold off applying the barbeque sauce until right before you take the meat off the grill. Putting the sauce on too early will turn your meal into a burnt offering. Don’t tempt the gods.
5. Use a meat thermometer. We no longer live in caves. No one will think you are less a man for using a meat thermometer. And your guests won’t have to say lame things like, “Really, rare is how I like it…it’s fine…really.”
6. Sear the meat. Start hot. Sear that sucker. A seared crust seals in the meat’s juices. You want those juices dripping in your mouth not on your fire.
And remember, every meal you prepare on the patio is one more meal that doesn’t heat up the kitchen and blow up you energy bill. Bon Appetit!



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