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Spring Cleaning is your chance to make your place more energy efficient. Here are 5 easy tips to remember:
1. Dust your light bulbs  While you have the dust mop out, be sure to give the light bulbs a good once over. Wipe away dust with your mop or a dry rag. This will improve bulb life and brightness.
2. Inspect sliding glass doors  If your house has sliding glass doors make sure you keep the track clean. Dirt and gunk can destroy a doors seal and create a significant energy loss.
3. Change your air conditioning filter  You can save 5-15% on cooling costs by making certain your filter is clean. Plan on changing out air filters 3 times a year.
4. Clean your dishwasher inside and out  Cleaning the front of your dishwasher makes everything look neat and tidy, but don’t stop there. Cut off the power and use vinegar and water to clean the inside of the door and the racks. Check the spinning arms, vents and any nooks for debris. Use a toothbrush for those hard to reach areas.  The cleaner your dishwasher is, the more efficiently it will perform.
5. Clean your coils  Vacuum your refrigerator coils at least once a year. Just pull the fridge out and unplug it. On some models you may need to remove a plate or grille. Use soapy water and dry thoroughly before plugging it back in. Dirty coils can drive up your energy costs.



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