Six Smart Tricks For Charging Your Phone

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It’s the plug-in device that most of us can’t live without, and there are some simple tricks to keeping your smartphone charged and ready for all those calls, texts, photos, posts and tweets:
1. Charge More Often For Less Time
Your phone’s lithium-ion battery works best between a 50-80% charge, so you don’t need to top-off every time you charge it. Several short charging sessions throughout the day can keep you in the sweet spot for battery performance.
2. It’s Okay To Plug In And Forget It
Most smartphones are equipped to stop charging when the battery is full, so don’t worry about doing damage if you plug it into the charger overnight. But do try to use the charger that came with the phone for long charging sessions, because it was designed to work best with your device. Generic chargers might provide less power or could even malfunction when used for long charges.
3. Strip Down When Charging
The biggest enemy of your smartphone battery is heat and the charging process can raise the phone’s temperature. That’s a problem if you use a phone case because it holds in the heat, so remove the phone case while you’re charging.
4. Avoid Hitting Zero
Your smartphone battery always needs a little juice to stay healthy, so don’t drain it all the way to zero, as this can do damage and shorten the battery life. Having a portable charger that doesn’t require an outlet (or a spare battery) can save you when your battery hits the single digits.
5. Get A Fresh Start Every Month
Your smartphone battery will work better if you perform a full charge at least once a month. Let your phone drain down to the point where it warns you to connect a charger and then charge it all the way to full.
6. Stop Those Power Vampires In Your Phone
Using less power can make it easier to stay charged-up, so turn off WiFi when you’re away from home or the office or on a long car ride, because your phone keeps searching for a WiFi hotspot and that drains power. And if you don’t need Location Services you can turn off that feature to save power.


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