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Want to lower your prepaid electric costs? Start in the kitchen.
Keep your oven clean. A dirty stove is less efficient. When grease and grime accumulate on burners and oven walls, your stove uses more energy to cook your food. Keep it clean and watch your prepaid electricity costs start to drop.
Cook with a low flame. The lower the flame, the lower your prepaid electric costs. Same thing is true in the oven. Never use more heat than necessary.
The right appliance for the right job. Why bring a bazooka to a sword fight? Smaller appliances use less energy. So if you can cook something in the microwave or toaster oven, do so.
Use cold water with your electric disposal. Cold water uses less prepaid electricity. Plus, it helps the grease to solidify, which makes it grind up faster. Quicker, easier, greener.
Turn off electric burners early. If you are using an electric cook top, shut off the burner early. Unlike, gas burners, electric ones continue to conduct heat several minutes after you turn them off. This is a simple way to lower your pay as you go electric expenses.
Use these handy tips to save energy and reduce your pay as you go electric costs. Check back for more money-saving ideas on prepaid electricity.


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