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Want to lower your prepaid electricity bills? Then put your home on a diet. Here are a few helpful ways to slim down your prepaid electric use from Acacia Energy:
1. Add thermal insulation in the attic. 10 inches is optimal. These are dieting inches you want to add.
2. Add storm windows. If you have single-gazed windows, put on storm windows to insulate your windows and keep out the cold.
3. Put storm doors on all exterior entrances. This will reduce the amount of cold air that rushes in when people go in and out.
4. Caulk around baseboards and window frames. Look for cracks and gaps and fill them in.
5. Keep the garage door shut. If you have an attached garage, keep the door down to block winter wins and hold down your prepaid electricity costs.
6. Use exhaust fans sparingly. Steam from the shower or the kitchen actual can help humidify your home and make it easier to heat.
7. Lubricate your heater motor and blower bearings. This will extend your heater’s life and lower your prepaid electric bill.
 Now that you’ve put your home on an energy diet, sit back, have a donut and watch those higher prepaid electric bills melt away.



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