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There you sit, basking in the wide-screen glory of your new 60-inch plasma screen. Outside, the wind picks up. You hear the distant rumble of thunder just above your new Dolby surround sound system with its monster subwoofer. Rain begins drumming like Ginger Baker on the rooftop of your house. Then it happens:  the high-def clarity of you pixel-perfect screen goes dark. Ka-Boom! You sit in blackness. Every light in the house is out. And you may well have just totally fried your new home theater system.
Power surges can destroy thousands of dollars of home electronics if these pricey components are not plugged into a surge protector. If lightening strikes your home, it will travel straight through your electrical lines and right into your electronics. What does this all mean? Your electronics are toast.
Consumer grade electronics are not equipped to handle this kind of electrical surge. Thankfully, you can protect your flat-screen TV, home computer and other electronics by plugging them into a simple ten-dollar surge protector. When plugged into one of these affordable wonders your electronics will turn off automatically at the moment of the power surge and avoid being struck by the lightening.
Surge protectors come in an assortment of sizes, colors and configurations. They plug into any wall outlet and have multiple places to plug in a variety of electronics: TV, Blue-ray player, DVR, speakers, cable box, etc. Some of models are thin enough to fit behind wall-mounted televisions. Newer surge protectors filter power to your electronics as well as double as a receiver for televisions and video components.
So take a moment and check to be sure that your electronics are being protected with one of these ingenious surge-protecting gadgets.



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