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Switching to prepaid electricity from Acacia Energy is a “smart” thing to do, because it can put the latest technology to work to help you save money on your power bill.
The key to those high-tech savings is the smart meter. Unlike an old-fashioned electric meter that gets checked once a month, the smart meter communicates with your energy provider and can report electricity usage four times an hour. This allows more direct tracking of how you use power, and because the smart meter can take commands as well as send readings, it can let you switch service to a prepaid electric company like Acacia in as little as one business day.
With a smart meter, you can keep track easily to pinpoint your own “peak use” hours and find potential and costly energy drains in the home. You can make adjustments in usage instantly, rather than waiting for a “big surprise” in an electric bill at the end of the month.
Switching to prepaid electricity is also smart for your budget. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars up-front for a deposit that doesn’t pay for any electricity, you can begin your electric service with Acacia Energy with a pre-payment as low as $0 and get started on saving right away.
Pre-paid electricity from Acacia Energy is a smart choice because it puts you in charge. You can manage your power use in real time and pay for electricity as you need it, with no surprises. With smart meter technology, switching prepaid electricity from to Acacia Energy makes budgeting easier and life simpler – and that’s the smart way to go!


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