How Bubble Wrap Can Lower Your Energy Bills

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Fall has arrived. It’s time to box up our tank tops and flip-flops and get our sweaters and coats out of the cedar closet. So what can we do to make our homes all snuggly and warm as the weather turns cooler? In two words: bubble wrap!
Bubble wrap is a quick and inexpensive way to insulate windows and lower your energy bills. All you need is a spray bottle, an exacto knife and a roll of bubble wrap. No duct tape, glue or spray adhesive.
1. Mist a little water on each window to get started.
2. Now press the bubble side of the bubble wrap against the glass and let the water hold it in place.
3. Cut away the excess bubble wrap with the exacto blade. Instant energy savings!
Bubble wrapping your windows will cut heat loss in half. Once you’ve bubble-wrapped the whole house, keep it on the windows until spring or leave up permanently if you prefer. You can leave your windows bubble wrapped up to seven years without any problem. When you’re ready to remove it, the bubble wrap will peal off easily and it will not stain your windows.


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