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Head To Your Closet To Save On Energy Bills
We all want to spend less on electricity, especially when high winter heating bills arrive. But what if you can’t re-caulk the windows to cut down on drafts or add insulation to an attic to keep more of the heat you’re paying for?
The answer might be right in the palm of your hand – if you’re holding the switch on your thermostat. Dialing down that temperature setting by just three degrees could save you 10-percent on your winter electric bill. That sounds great, but who wants to live in a cold home?
Good thing you don’t have to shiver in order to save; just break out the indoor cold weather wardrobe. A big sweatshirt or a house jacket, and yes, even the ugly sweater your Aunt Betty gave you last Christmas. It’s OK – you’re home and no one else will see you. Maybe that warm robe will help keep you cozy. Or try tossing an Afghan or a blanket over your shoulders while you watch TV. Keeping your personal thermostat set at “warm” isn’t that hard.
Always be sure to dial your heating system thermostat way down when you’re at work or plan to be gone for hours. A programmable model can do this for you. But if you’re worried about coming home to a cold castle, keep warm slippers, a blanket, and a hat somewhere convenient right when you come home. Drop your bag at the door and don we now your indoor winter apparel as you enter. You’ll be toasty and feel the warm glow of savings every time you pay your electric bill.


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