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Electricity is something that we all need to power our lives, and prepaid electricity makes it easy to afford. Not everyone has the extra money to make a deposit or the good history needed to pass a credit check in order to get electric service. That’s why prepaid electricity is a great option.
The concept is simple – you buy your electric service up-front, and then use it as you need it. With prepaid electricity it’s like shopping with cash, because your money’s always good.
When you use prepaid electricity, no one can deny you service because of your past credit history. And you don’t need give your hard-earned money to utility company for a deposit just to get electric service.
Prepaid electricity also makes budgeting easier because you know exactly how much you’re spending on power, rather than waiting a month for a huge bill to arrive. Best of all, you can get the power turned on faster. Acacia Energy offers same-day service, so your power can be on the day you make your purchase of prepaid electricity.
For convenience, flexibility and savings, prepaid electricity from Acacia Energy helps you power your life right now. Visit https://www.acaciaenergy.com to see our current prepaid electricity plans and start saving today.


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