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Surge Protector Covered in Plugs Indicating Energy Vampires that Raise Electricity Costs

Acacia Energy has plenty of ways for you to lower your monthly post-paid and prepaid electricity costs. One area that most people miss is an energy bloodsucker that lurks in our electronic components. Computers, TVs and other electronic gadgets can slowly drain the life out of our pocketbooks like some Transylvanian ghoul. Even when these appliances are turned off. It’s a phenomenon known innocently enough as standby power––that little standby light that comes on when the appliance goes off.
But, these little lights should be your reminder that electric power is still being used. In fact, household studies estimate that 5 to 10 percent of our post-paid or prepaid electricity consumption is due to standby power. That’s about $100 per household every year.
There is no silver bullet to completely eliminate standby consumption, but Acacia Energy has 3 powerful stakes you can drive deep into its heart:

1. Use A Power Strip

Plug in your computer, TV and other electronics to a power strip with an off/on switch. Then, when they are not in use, just flip the switch. That way they will be truly off. Use one strip for your TV, DVD player, sound system and game console. Get another for your computer, printer and scanner.

2. Simply Unplug

If you don’t want to go the power strip route, you can just unplug your electronics at night when you go to bed. Plug them back in when you get home from work. How hard is that?

3. Upgrade to ENERGY STAR® Products

ENERGY STAR® products are rated far more energy-efficient than other discount electronic products and appliances. Consequently, they will use up far less energy in the standby mode. You pay a little more up front, but you save it on the back end.
Keep these thirsty energy vampires at bay. Put one of these handy vampire-slaying Acacia Energy tips to work today. It will save on your Texas energy services and help us all enjoy a greener planet. Check back at the Acacia Energy blog for more insightful ways to reduce your electric bill.



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