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Think of it as an oil change for your central air conditioning. Just like your car engine needs a regular tune up and a frequent oil change to run efficiently, your air conditioner needs its regular tune up to perform at its best. Nobody wants theircar to breakdown on the freeway and nobody wants to be without AC in the summer. A tune up in springtime will guarantee that you have uninterrupted AC for those brutal, dog days of summer. But that’s not all. An annual AC tune up can save you as much as 30% on your monthly energy expenses.  In addition to the cost-saving benefits, an AC tune up will ensure that your air conditioning system runs cleanly and efficiently all season long. Regular servicing of your central air can spot cracked components, dirty filters and more. A dirty filter not only impedes airflow, it can cause evaporators to literally ice up. A professional tune up will make sure that your outside condenser is not blocked by leaves, grass clippings, bushes or other rubbish. Your condenser works by transferring the heat from the inside of your house to the outside. If air can’t get to the condenser, it’s going to have a harder time eliminating the heat from inside. This means the condenser is working harder and performing less efficiently––all of which increases the price you pay to cool your home. Summer is coming, so get a local AC technician to schedule your tune up today.



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