A Radiant Barrier Can Lower Cooling Costs

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Want to keep your home cooler in the summer without increasing your cooling costs? A radiant barrier might be the answer. Attics get hot because the sun beats down on them all day. The heat from the sun is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Your roof can absorb it or it can reflect it depending on what is on your roof.
The heat your roof absorbs seeps into your attic and into its contents: Christmas decorations, that artificial tree, various boxes of clothing that the kids have outgrown and the odd dead roof rat. An attic ventilator may do a decent job of sucking out the attic’s hot air but it does little for the heat that is contained in these objects stored in your attic.
That’s where these shiny silver radiant barriers come in. When the underside of your roof deck has a radiant barrier installed, the sun’s heat still travels through the roofing materials but it no longer is conducted into the attic. It hits the proverbial dead end. This means your attic stays cooler in the summertime, which means your home stays cooler with less AC costs.
Why not check with an area contractor about adding radiant barriers to your home? It could mean a more comfortable home without a big electric bill.


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