6 Ways Your Washer & Dryer Can Lower Your Acacia Energy Bill

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Want to lower your energy bill? Acacia Energy has some helpful ideas.
1. Wash in cold water
Most of the energy that the home laundry consumes is actually the energy it takes to heat the water. So if you want to lower your post-paid or prepaid electricity costs, the best thing you can do is wash in lukewarm or cold water as much as possible. Rinse in cold water. This alone can cut your laundry energy costs in half.
2. Do full loads
Doing fewer and fuller loads will quickly reduce both your electric and water bills. Never overload your machine.
3. Use less detergent
Too many suds actually require your washer to work harder in both the wash and rinse cycles. The harder your washer has to perform, the more energy you waste.
4. Clean out your lint filter every load
Be sure to clean your dryer’s lint filter thoroughly before you do your next load of laundry. The dryer has to work harder if this filter is clogged. The harder it has to work, the more energy it takes. If your washing machine also has a lint filter (not all washers have this feature) be sure and rinse it out periodically.
5. Check your draining hose for kinks
Hose kinking may occur when your washer unit is moved during maintenance and repairs. A twisted hose can end up accelerating the wear of your washer’s pump from excessive back-pressure. This is not only hard on your machine, it increases your electricity costs.
6. Replace worn out hoses
The hoses that fill your washing machine wear out over time. When this happens a hose may begin to leak or even burst. Replace the hoses every five years. Higher quality stainless steel filled hoses will last longer. Replacement hoses may be found in the appliance accessory section of your local home improvement store.
Acacia Energy is here to help our post-paid and prepaid electricity customers get the most out of their service plans. Check back from time to time for other Acacia Energy energy-saving tips for your Texas energy services plan.


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