6 Ways to Shrink Your Prepaid Electricity Bill

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Want to reduce the size of your prepaid electricity bill? Here are a few tiny suggestions on how you can cut your bill down to size:
1. Smaller appliances can save you big. Rather than using your kitchen range for your cooking, look for ways to rely more on smaller appliances like toaster ovens, electric skillets and microwaves.
2. Reduce the size of your fridge. Nothing wastes prepaid electricity like an oversized refrigerator with an under size load. The fuller your refrigerator is, the less electricity it has to use.
3. Reduce your dishwasher cycle time. Adjust your dishwasher to the shortest cycle available. This uses less prepaid electricity and less hot water.
4. Less gunk in your filter. Change out and clean your filters and lint catchers regularly. The more gunked up they are, the more prepaid electricity they will use. This is true for your dishwasher, clothes dryer and air conditioner.
5. Less drying time for clothes. Sure, warm clothes coming out of the dryer feel amazing. But you will use less electricity and your clothes will last longer if you back off on your drying time. This is a great way to get prepaid electric savings.
6. Decrease your heating/cooling footprint. Only heat and cool the rooms you use. Shut vents and close doors to rooms you don’t go in. The smaller the area you have to heat and cool, the smaller your energy costs will be.
Check back for more ideas on how to save on your Acacia Energy prepaid electricity.


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