Reasons for an Unusually High Electric Bill

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As an electric bill is the most significant and inevitable part of your monthly budget, an increase in that bill may negatively affect your financial stability. Although there are many reasons for a hike in an energy bill, figuring out the real reason is essential in knowing how much your energy usage has gone up and how can you reduce your energy consumption.

When you receive a high electric bill, look at the amount of energy usage (kWh). If your energy usage is the same as the previous month’s usage, you should check the rate your energy provider has charged. It could be possible that you are being charged an increase in price or some extra service fees. The following are other possible reasons for an unusually high electric bill due to an increase in energy consumption:

Power-hungry appliances

Appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators are the most energy consuming appliances. You need to be very careful when using these appliances otherwise, your energy bill will skyrocket. When you use the washing machine, you should wait until you have accumulated a full load of clothes. Try to use cold water for the wash instead of hot water, and choose a low-heat option for drying. All of these tips are also applicable when using a dishwasher. When it comes to the refrigerator, saving energy is much easier. Set the refrigerator temperature between 37° and 40°F and the freezer between 0° and 50°F. Move your refrigerator away from heat sources, and reduce the frequency of door openings as much as possible.

Seasonal appliances

Weather is a significant and challenging factor for getting an unexpected hike in your electric bill. If the weather is hotter or colder than usual, chances are that the energy bill will increase due to the use of air conditioners, dehumidifiers, hot air furnaces and more. During the time of extreme cold and heat, cooling and heating systems need to be kept on continuously. Therefore, you can expect an unusually high energy bill during those periods. Holidays and vacations can also make a huge impact on the energy bill.

Leaving appliances on standby mode

One of the main reasons for getting a high electric bill is keeping electronic devices in standby mode even when you are not using them. Don’t leave appliances plugged in if you are not using them for a while. Even if these devices are kept idle, they are using energy while waiting for your command. This is known as “vampire power.” You can save a significant amount of energy by unplugging these devices from the wall socket when they are not in use.

In order to reduce an energy utility bill, you also need to take care of some other things. An electric heater is by far the largest energy consumer in most homes and, if your hot water tap is leaking, it will drastically increase your energy bill.  Also, be sure your meter isn’t running when there is no electricity being used in your home.

Energy Audit: A Better Way to Increase Energy Efficiency and Reduce Energy Bills

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Increasing energy usage and costs are driving Texans to look for a comprehensive energy solution. Most of the houses and businesses are victims of increased energy costs. An energy audit helps you find out where and how energy is wasted and suggests effective solutions to reduce energy usage. There are three types of energy audits – preliminary, general and detailed energy audits. You can determine what type of energy audit to be performed at your home and place of business.

Three types of Energy Audits

Preliminary Energy Audit

Preliminary energy audit or walk through analysis is a simple energy auditing process that takes only a short amount of time to accomplish. A home energy survey is a part of a preliminary energy audit which is used to assess the energy efficiency of houses. Preliminary energy audits mainly involve an analysis of energy bills and a brief survey of buildings and equipment. It also provides a list of potential low-cost measures to improve your energy efficiency.

General Energy Audit

General energy audits or standard energy audits collect more detailed information regarding energy usage and energy conservation measures. Utility bills for a period of 12 to 36 months will be collected to perform a deep analysis of energy usage profiles. General energy audits conduct diagnostic testing of building envelopes and systems to find out where the more energy consuming areas. Individual metering of energy consuming equipment and detailed interviews with operational personals provide detailed information on major energy consumption. General energy audits provide a detailed report of suitable cost saving and energy conservation measures.

Detailed Energy Audit

Detailed energy audits or comprehensive audits perform an extensive level of an energy audit to identify energy efficiency measures and reduce energy costs without affecting productivity. It includes sub-metering and evaluation of energy consuming equipment to detect systems which are operating inefficiently. Detailed energy audits require a minimum of three weeks to complete from the date of commencement.

Benefits of Energy Audit

A comprehensive energy audit brings a greater comfort in your life by providing more effective ways to save energy and reduce costs. The following are some of the significant benefits of energy audit in different areas:

Reduced Energy Costs: The proposed cost-effective energy solutions help to reduce the amount spent on energy in your facility.

Increased Safety: The evaluation of equipment and indoor building facilities ensure the increased safety of your commercial building and home.

Reduced Environmental Damage: Energy audits help to save the environment by reducing pollution and energy consumption.

Improved Equipment Efficiency: Energy audits diagnose the issues of equipment and suggests rectifying them to improve the efficiency of equipment.

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