Our Pay-As-You-Go Plan Suits You and Your Pockets

Acacia Energy’s prepaid electricity is a cheap and convenient option for those with short-term housing arrangements or homeowners who want to avoid the annoying and bulky electricity bills. Smart energy plans in Texas have become very popular. This is due to a couple of reasons:

  • Smartphone applications that allow you to prepay the service quickly and easily.
  • Smart meter technology which owners and tenants alike can use to monitor, configure and conserve their energy usage, saving them a couple of bucks per month.
  • Acacia Energy has a Smart Energy Plan that adapts to you, who are planning to move soon, want green energy solutions or simply want to track your usage month-to-month with no deposit.

If you decide to opt for our Smart Energy Plan you’ll have the following benefits:

  • Save money:

Prepaid electricity plans save you money in many ways. For example, you will get a rate up to 20% lower than the traditional electricity companies offer, plus with the opportunity to monitor your daily usage, you can adjust the amount of energy you are using (if necessary) You will not be surprised when you receive your electricity bill anymore!

  • No deposit required:

At Acacia Energy we understand and defend the fact that everyone deserves access to electricity. So regardless of the electric plan you choose, we don’t require deposit or a long-term contract. No matter what could be your situation or your needs, we have you covered up!

  • Plan and manage your budget:

With our personalized alerts by phone and email you can control your daily usage, costs and your account balance. At the end of the month we will send you a detailed report of your payments, charges and savings history for the previous month.

Electricity may be energy, but knowledge is definitely power. Manage your energy bill with just a finger move. Receive daily alerts of your account by text message or email to track:

  • Your consumption of Kilowatt per hour (KWh)
  • Your remaining credit
  • Estimated remaining days with active electricity service
  • Savings made during the day/month

Smart plans for Smart clients!

Get reliable power and the flexibility you’re looking for with Acacia Energy’s Smart Energy Plan. Choose us and enjoy the power us well-used electricity.

Common Energy Saving Myths That Lose You Money


Myth: Leaving the lights on uses less energy than switching them on or off when needed.

Busted: The extra charge that is required to start a bulb is very minimal compared to energy consumed while leaving the lights on throughout an entire day. So, continue switching the lights off when you leave a room to save energy!

This holds true for other appliances as well. In the past, some appliance manufacturers suggested that customers keep appliances switched on or in standby mode to maintain its life. While this may have been true, modern appliances are designed to be turned on and off regularly, so you need not worry about appliance longevity.

Myth: Closing HVAC vents to unused rooms helps save energy.

Busted: This might seem obvious, but the furnaces continue to produce heat regardless of whether every vent is open or not. At the same time, when a vent is closed, it builds pressure in the duct, which can cause an imbalance in the HVAC system. This imbalance can subsequently damage the furnace or create cracks in the ducts that may lead to heat loss.

Myth: LEDs are costly and do not fit into traditional sockets as well as conventional bulbs.

Busted: LEDs may initially be costly, but it consumes almost 75% less energy than traditional lighting systems. In addition, LEDs have a lifespan of over 20 years, saving you money on replacements and maintenance.

Regarding sockets, LEDs come in different forms, shapes, and sizes. They can be used on a dimmer, free-standing lamp, or traditional pendant fixtures.

Myth: Leaving fans on will help keep a room cool.

Busted: Fans cool people by removing the warm air that surrounds us. Our body cools down when the sweat released from the body is evaporated. Fans aid in this evaporation process and make us feel cool, but they do not cool rooms in the same way. Therefore, a working fan in an empty room is not only consuming energy but also releasing small amounts of heat in the process.

Myth: Setting the thermostat higher helps you warm the room faster.

Busted: The higher the thermostat is set, the more power it consumes. No matter how high you turn the thermostat, the rate of the heating process of the room takes the same amount of time. This process does not work like pressing the accelerator of a car, like you may intuitively think. Alternatively, you can insulate the room by sealing the windows and closing the doors, which will make your room warm up faster.

Myth: Screen savers help save energy when you’re not using your computer.

Busted: Screen savers do not save energy. In fact, the highly graphic animations can consume more energy! Screen savers were previously created to prevent the permanent etching of patterns on older monochrome and CRT monitors, and have thus lost their relevance. Next time you step away from your computer, try putting the computer to sleep instead and save energy!