Save on Your Prepaid Electricity Bill by Switching to LED Holiday Lights

Here’s a Christmas gift that will keep on giving: prepaid energy savings. If you pay as you go for your electricity, there is one sure way to lower your prepaid electric bill this Christmas––switch to LED holiday lights. That’s right. LED Christmas lights are about 90 percent more efficient. For example: A household burning 10 strands of holiday lights for eight hours a day at $0.0853 per kilowatt-hour will spend $127.67 a month for incandescent bulbs. Compare that to only $0.72 if the holiday lights are LED. That’s a savings of more than $125 for switching to LEDs. And there’s another thing to consider: LED lights generate less heat so they are safer. Plus, a strand of LED lights will last up to 20 years! So Merry Christmas! You just saved $2,500 over the next 20 Advents. Jolly old St. Nick couldn’t beat that if he tried.

There are hundreds of ways to save on Acacia Energy prepaid electricity. Check back for other energy-saving ideas.