Prepaid Electricity and Your Computer

Don’t let your personal computer hog all your prepaid electricity. Here are three handy computer tips that can help you save energy and cut your prepaid electric bill down to size.

1. Switch your computer to “low-power” mode. Most computer monitors are set to power down to a low-power sleep mode when the computer is not being used. But you can also adjust the settings on your computer itself to a low-power mode. Changing this setting on your home computer can easily double your savings on your prepaid electricity. That’s huge!

2. Switch from a desktop computer to a laptop computer. Laptop computers are not only more portable, they will lower your prepaid electric costs by as much as 90%. Think of the savings!

3. Turning your computer off at night will save on prepaid electricity. No matter what your brother-in-law tells you, it is always cheaper to shut your computer off at bedtime. It will save you between $20 and $30 per year on your electricity costs. How great is that?

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