Open the windows. Increase the energy savings

As the summer sizzle gives way to autumn breezes, switch off the AC and open your doors and windows. Natural airflow ventilates a room and keeps electric bills low. By opening more than one window, you’ll create cross ventilation and get a nice breeze.

Add a window fan
If you add a window fan, you can keep the breezes going even when Mother Nature is taking a break. Window fans circulate air in and out of the home. They can pull heat out of the house or bring cool air inside. Window fans with the EnergyStar rating can circulate air much more quickly than other fans. Now you’re chilling without cranking up the air conditioning.

Install ceiling fans
If your rooms have an 8-foot ceiling or greater, adding ceiling fans is another cool energy-saving idea. The effectiveness of a ceiling fan depends on both how fast the fan spins and how big the fan blades are. The larger the fan blade, the more air it circulates. Set the fan speed high enough so it keeps everyone comfortable. Set it too high and you’re only wasting energy. Ceiling fans can also lower electric bills in the dog days of summer and those unseasonable hot days of fall. Raise the AC thermostat a few degrees and get under the fan. Nice!