How Your Laundry Room Can Lower Your Electric Bill

One of the easiest places to lower your electric bill is your laundry area. Conserve energy when you do your wash. Here’s how:

Washer Tips:

1. Use cold water for the rinse cycle. 90% of energy costs in the laundry room is associated with heating water. The less hot water you use, the lower your bill will be.
2. Wash only full loads. Washing small loads is inefficient all the way around. You use more electricity and create twice the work for yourself.
3. Use the lowest water level you can. Do not overfill.
4. Choose a front-loading washer. They cost a bit more but a front loader uses only 40% of the energy that a top-loading model does.

Dryer Tips:

1. Clean the lint filter before each load. Pushing air through a clogged lint filter makes the dryer work less efficiently and raises your electricity costs.
2. Dry full loads. Do fewer, fuller loads. It will save you on energy costs
3. Close the laundry area door. In the summer, you don’t need your electric dryer heating the house and causing the air conditioning to run more.
4. Add a dry towel. Adding a dry towel will shorten the drying time of your load and cut your electric bill down to size.