How Prepaid Electricity Can Protect your Home from a Freeze

Prepaid electricity from Acacia Energy offers you competitive rates without the hassle of long-term contracts and credit checks, but did you know it can also protect your home when the weather drops below freezing?

1. Protect Your Pipes. Water pipes can freeze up when the weather gets cold. To avoid this, open the doors to your kitchen sink and your bathroom pipes. This will allow your prepaid electric heat to keep these pipes warm. You can also wrap these pipes with rags or insulating tape.

2. Drain Outdoor Hoses. If you have a water hose still attached to an outside faucet, unhook it and drain out all water or you may find yourself with a burst hose.

3. Drain Your Water Sprinkling System. If your prepaid electricity services an automatic sprinkling system, be sure to drain your sprinkler pipes and turn the system off prior to a freeze.

4. Reinforce Your Insulation. Add extra rolls of insulation in the attic. This will protect your home in a freeze and lower your prepaid electricity costs.

5. Keep Your Prepaid Electric Heat On. Never shut your thermostat off in the winter. If you are going to be traveling, set your thermostat at 55 degrees. This will lower your prepaid electricity bill but will protect your home form burst pipes. Also have all your interior faucets turn to a steady drip while away.

Check back for more thoughts on how to save on your Acacia prepaid electricity.