No Credit Check Postpaid Electricity Is Here!

NO Credit Check!

Our EZ Flex Plan doesn’t require a credit check! Our no-nonsense deposits are based on the size of your home, not your credit score! It’s the same for everyone!

Get a Monthly Bill!

With our EZ Flex Plan, you get a monthly bill every month! You won’t have to prepay for your services because this is not a prepaid plan. This is a traditional postpaid plan.

NOT Prepaid!

Our EZ Flex Plan is NOT PREPAID! That means you save a lot of money and won’t have the hassles of reloading your account for the energy you haven’t even used yet!

NO Commitment!

We are so sure you will love our EZ Flex Plan that we have no commitment and there is no termination fee. You have the ultimate freedom and control with EZ Flex!


As little as



Is all you
need to start
service today!

ONLY $40 To Get Your Electricity Turned On!

  • Get a Monthly Bill!
  • No Credit Check!
  • Not Prepaid!
  • No Commitment!

With our EZ Flex Plan, deposits are based on the size of your home, not your credit score!

Simple, Easy, and EVERYONE is Approved!

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“It just makes sense. I didn’t want a huge deposit for my apartment.”

Juan G.

Houston, TX

“Easy to sign up and get service turned on the same day.”

Jennifer H.

Ft. Worth, TX

“I like the mobile app and all the payment locations.”

Kevin L.

Houston, TX