Enjoy Prepaid Electric Savings by Eliminating Phantom Power Drains

The fastest way to lower your prepaid electric bill is to plug up the phantom energy leaks. Here are four things to keep it mind.

1.     Used and refurbished appliances are no bargain

No matter how much you save by buying used appliance, you’ll wind up paying more on your prepaid electric bill. Why? Because appliances manufactured prior to 2010 are not in compliance with government One-Watt Initiative standards.

2.     All devices are not created equal

The standby power features on various electronics can suck your outlets dry. Get a wattmeter to see which devices are the biggest standby offenders.  Many communities will loan you a wattmeter free of charge. You can buy one for as little as $35.

3.     Don’t overcharge your cell phones

Avoid charging your mobile devices or mp3 players overnight.  This is excessive for most devices and does nothing but increase your prepaid electric bill.

4.     Unplug electronics when not in use

This is the easiest way to reduce phantom power consumption. Unplug your phone charger when not in use. You can even unplug TV monitors, CD players, DVD players, etc.––anything that has a standby power light or digital clock. A simple way to handle this is to plug everything into a power strip with a built-in timer.

There are hundreds of ways to save on Acacia Energy prepaid electricity. Check back for other energy-saving ideas.