Energy Vampires

They lurk around your kitchen counter. They hide beneath your bookcase or inside your medicine cabinet. Energy Vampires sucking your wallet dry. They are those innocent-looking, everyday appliances like coffee makers and microwaves. Blow dryers and cell phone chargers. DVD players and laser printers. They stay plugged into your electrical outlets, their long sharp fangs sipping your energy 24/7. Isn’t it time you drove your stake right into their greedy little hearts? Sure it is––and we have just the Vampire-killer: new, energy efficient outlets.

Energy efficient outlets are designed to help you reduce electricity consumption by automatically turning off after a set amount of time. They work like an egg timer for your energy consumption, shutting off power to your device when the timer expires. Best of all, they are quite affordable. You can pick one up at a hardware store starting at about 15 bucks. The power socket by Belkin has three simple settings – 30 minutes, 3 hours, and 6 hours. They are simple to install. They plug into the existing outlet. No rewiring, no screwdrivers, no electrical shocks.

How much can one of these devices save you? Quite a bit. It is estimated that the typical American household has up to 40 electronic devices all drawing constant power at once. This gets expensive. In fact, it could raise your household electric bill as much as $100 a year. Plug in a few of these energy efficient babies and make that $100 go back into your pocket.