Eat cooler this summer

Keep your kitchen cool and your electric bills low this summer. It’s easier than you think. Here’s how. Rather than cranking up the oven at mealtime, plan meals that feature cold food. Salads, sandwich wraps, ice cold watermelon, raw veggies and brain-freezing ice cream. Chilled soups like gazpacho are also a way to stay frosty inside while the temperature is rising outside.

Some like it hot

Even if your family prefers something hot, there are plenty of ways to heat up your food without heating up your kitchen. For instance, a rice steamer makes perfect rice every time without turning your kitchen into a hot box. Spicy Texas chili made in a crock pot will lower your energy bills. And corn on the cob fired up in a microwave is a perfect summer time treat. Cook it with the husks on. It will be hot, moist and wonderful!

Cold snap fresh snacks

Raw vegetables served with low-fat ranch dressing is another great thing to keep around as appetizers or healthy snacks. Sliced tomatoes with scallions and cottage cheese is another low fat meal that can help you lower your weight and your electric bills. Remember, you are eventually going to have to squeeze into that swimming suit before the summer is out. So eating light is as important as eating cool.

Saving energy by keeping the heat out of the kitchen will make your home cooler and your energy bills lower. Check back next week for another energy-saving idea.