Close the door. Lower your electric bill.

We’ve all heard it from our mothers: “Close the front door, I’m not paying to air condition the outdoors!” But open doors and windows still haunt us – especially in the summertime. We are all culpable. Dad leaves the back door open when he takes out the garbage. Mom leaves the front door open while she carries in the groceries. The kids leave the sliding glass door open because they thought their slow-moving siblings were right behind them. Put it all together, and we’re all contributing to the very thing mom warned us about. We’re collectively air conditioning the great outdoors. Simply leaving one sliding door open a crack or two for an 8-hour period can result in an electric bill that is up to 30% higher than normal. When a door is left open during the summer when all the people running in and out of the house, the AC unit has to work harder to combat the additional warm air. This also can increase the wear and tear on the unit. Because of this DCS Global, a Phoenix-based manufacturer, has developed an automatic door closer. These ingenuous self closing devices are relatively easy to install and come in a variety of finishes to match your decor. They can also improve home security. So remember to close the door behind you and check all the windows around the house to make certain that they are shut when the air is turned on. It will help lower your energy bill, summer and winter both.