Breaking Bad Energy Habits

Recently, a Colorado energy-services company, Cape Light Compact, launched a test to see if it could reform electricity consumers bad energy habits. The test used the same sorts behavior-modification techniques that people use to quit smoking. The result: Average daily electricity consumption for the 90+ participants fell more than 9%. What if you could break your bad habits? You can. Here are 10 bad electricity habits that you can change today:

1. Stop doing your laundry during the day. Wait until the evening when there is less demand on the grid. This will lower your electric bill.

2. Stop leaving your cell phone charging plugged in. When your phone has been recharged, pull the plug and put the charger away.

3. Stop leaving your curtains open in the summertime. Your air conditioner has to work harder when your blinds are left opened during the day.

4. Stop doing partial loads of laundry. Do fewer, fuller loads. It will save you on energy costs.

5. Stop leaving the TV on when you are not watching it. This can save you big time.

6. Stop waiting to install a programmable thermostat. They only cost about $50 and they can reduce your annual electric bill by $200.

7. Stop washing in hot water. Wash your clothes in cold water. This can save several dollars every month.

8. Stop breeding dust bunnies. Vacuum the coils on your refrigerator to remove all dust and make your fridge run more efficiently.

9. Stop leaving your computer on. By allowing your PC to sleep a night, you can shave off up to $25 on your annual bill.

10. Stop waiting to insulate. Increasing the insulation in your attic and re-caulking old windows can radically reduce your energy costs. So what are you waiting for?