Autumn Is Tune-Up Time For Energy Savings

save energy conceptMother Nature is making the turn away from summer heat into the moderate temperatures of Autumn, and Winter isn’t that far off. Just like you’ll be changing your wardrobe to match the weather, your home should get suited for these seasonal changes in order to keep you comfortable and save on energy costs.

If you use a programmable thermostat, be sure to adjust it for the cooler weather. A good rule of thumb is to set heating systems at 68-degrees and cooling systems at 76-degrees, and check the times you’ve set for dial-downs to make sure they match the shorter days to come.

Look for opportunities to use more natural cooling. Opening a few windows can create cross-ventilation in your home that might allow you to turn off the AC. The use of a ceiling fan along with opening windows can maximize the natural cooling in a room.

Speaking of windows, now is the time to check for cracks or gaps in window frames that could allow cold air in. Investing a few dollars in a tube of caulk now might save you a lot more in electric bills when cold weather arrives.

Get ready for heating season now by doing a walk-through of your home to check for any blocked vents or heating units that have become storage spots. This can happen during the summer and you may not notice it until you turn on the heat.

A clean filter is the key to efficient energy use in heating and cooling systems, and now is the time to check furnace filters to make sure you have a fresh one installed for the start of the heating season. This is also a good time to do end-of-season maintenance on air conditioning systems so they’re ready to run come next year.