6 Holiday Cooking Tips That Will Save You On Prepaid Electricity

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Here are a few more holiday tips that will save you on your prepaid electricity. Consider it our holiday gift to you.
1. Bake less this year. Instead of baking Christmas cookies, gingerbread men and cranberry bread, consider classic Christmas treats like rum balls and store-bought fruitcakes. Keeping the oven turned off will lower your prepaid electric costs big time.
2. Microwave more. Cook as many of your holiday party appetizers, casseroles and treats in the microwave. The typical microwave will use 75% less prepaid electricity than a conventional oven.
3. Slow cookers mean savings. Slow cooked meals take longer but they cost you only about 17 cents in prepaid electricity.
4. Use the window. Not the kitchen window. The oven window. If you are cooking rolls in the oven and constantly open and close the oven door you can lower the oven heat by 25 degrees. Use the window to inspect the progress of your baking.
5. Cook with glass. If you use a glass or ceramic pan you can turn the heat level down 25 degrees and lower your prepaid electric costs.
6. Keep your fridge full. A full refrigerator and freezer actually is more energy efficient than an empty one.
Check back all this month for more holiday advice on saving on your prepaid electric bill from Acacia Energy.



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