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What is the difference between Lite-Up Texas & Life Lights?

Lite-Up Texas is the name of a government assistance energy program that became inactive in August. Life Lights is a prepaid electricity plan provided by Acacia Energy that offers a similar discount and energy assistance.


How do I qualify for Lite-Up Texas and/or Life Lights?

In order to qualify for the Life Lights discount offered by Acacia Energy, you must be listed in the Lite-Up Texas database. While the Lite-Up program is no longer active, we can help you get the assistance you need. Call 1-877-494-8269 today!

I don’t know if I’m in the Lite-Up database. What do I do?

Give us a call at 1-877-494-8269. If you’re not in the Lite-Up Texas database, we can help you get on the list, or we can find you an alternative product with a similar discount that’s right for you and your family.


How long does the Life Lights promotion last?

The Life Lights program is available throughout the year. Act now to get a limited time offer 4¢ per kWh discount!

Our Life Lights energy assistance plan comes with even more benefits for you:

  • No Credit Check Required
  • No Chargebacks
  • No Reconnect Fees
  • No Termination Fees
  • No SSN/ID Required
  • No Minimum Payment Fees
  • No Disconnect Fees
  • No Long-term Commitment



Benefits of choosing Acacia Energy:

$0 Down to Start

With our $0 down plans, the only money you need to power your home is for the electricity you’re going to use.

No SSN or ID Required

Get the electricity you need without the privacy invasion! No ID or SSN are required to sign up for service with Acacia.

No Credit Check Required

Regardless of whether you have a good, bad, or no credit history, you can still enroll in our prepaid electricity plans!

Buy Only What You Need

With our prepaid electricity plans, you only buy as much electricity as you need and pay for it when you want!

Customer-first Energy Provider

We put our customers first by offering world-class personal service and practical energy products that fit your needs.

Flexible Payment Terms

What sets Acacia Energy apart from other providers is that we provide flexible payment terms and payment assistance to our customers.


Find out why thousands of customers love us:

“I am very thankful for the people at Acacia Energy who do everything they can to help me keep my lights on when I can’t make a payment.”

– Carmen J. –

Waco, Texas

“Acacia Energy is unlike any other prepaid electricity company I’ve used in the past. They actually care about me and my family.”

– Rodrigo A. –

Dallas, Texas

“When I found out the Lite-Up Texas program was closing, I looked for other discounted energy. Then, I found Acacia Life Lights. Their discount really helps!”

– Cesar O. –

Abilene, Texas

Not sure if Life Lights is right for you? Call us!

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