10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Energy Efficient

When you think of it, most of our time at home is spent in our bedrooms. Here are 10 helpful tips on how your bedroom can save energy and lower your electric bills:

1. Draw your curtains when the sun goes down. This will help keep the cold air out.
2. Use a hot water bottle under the covers instead of an electric blanket.
3. Put another blanket on the bed and lower your thermostat at bedtime.
4. Towel dry hair thoroughly before using your electric blow dryer.
5. Keep bedroom door closed.
6. Don’t leave the TV on when no one is in the room.
7. Turn the TV off at the outlet. Remote controls leave the TV in stay by mode.
8. Switch your desktop computer for a new laptop. This lets you compute in bed, in your easy chair or wherever. Plus, a new laptop uses 85% less electricity than a desktop computer.
9. Wear socks when you sleep to stay toasty in bed.
10. Remember, people actually sleep better in a cold room.